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ALKXANDKU  YON"  HUMIBOLBT.                     7
broUior fcarricul anumjr tho ru'ms of classical antiquity,
it^ wan always tho, faithful former tcaclior and later
fritmdj Kuuth, who admmistered their property with eomcioutiousiieBS,
Kuuth conduced to satisfy and clevelope in his
pupils the inborn lovo for universality of knowledge,
but nmiouvourod always to unite it with profundity;
and if (Jumpo had awakened a wish for philology
ami cosmology in them, Kuixth made it available by
fundamental researches and universality. Both bro-
thoi*H, iu obedience to their different natures, followed
different branches of their acquirements, but both
were rooted in the same foundation, The elder brother
made luimamty—-its intellectual world? and its especial
clonitttit, langna^o-—the task of his life. The younger^
Alexander, took the outward part of nature and
humanity iu all its varieties. While the elder brother
educated himself for classic antiquity, art, philosophy,
and language, Alexander from the same origin directed
his attention to natural sciences. Both frequently
mot and a&sistod each other in. the points they origi-
nally had iu common*
Kuuth thiiB acted upon his pupils, but this intimacy
could not fail to exorcise a strong improving influence
on him tho teacher. The house of the chamberlain
and Major von Humboltlt united hi itself rank, bxtel-
ligouco, cultivated acquamtenee, and influence. Elxmth,
pofiwtjaBUig tlui ooulidouco e£ the family in the highest
clogroo, win couHiderod as one of its members, was
tmtruHted with comtnissions in the execution of the
practical affairs of the family and its public interests.,
and fcttxiH gamed au experience in practical business
which, at a future period, qualified him for an official
ponition, as we shall eee.
But a great blow afflicted the family i^ which
Kunth had been tutor since J777- laa the January
of 1779 tho Major died, and the boys were without a
father, 'The nxatorual voice now exercised a grea/tei
iafiuouco, and boBide the noble confidence which the
widowed lady showed Kuuth, "by gmng- him •«& '